Monday, August 31, 2009

Playlist #3 8/31/09

Teeth Mountain/Zoz/(n/a)
Ponytail Pop/Beg Waves/Ice Cream Spiritual

Cuy/We May Be in Serious Trouble/(live)
Cuy/Green Gardens/(live)
Cuy/He Tried To Be a Good Boy/(live)
Cuy/White Shoes/(live)

Interview/Susan King/Sunday Streets

Dan Deacon/Snookered/Broomst
The Mermen/Buber Dilemma
Ponytail Pop/Celebrate the Body Electric/Ice Cream Spiritual
Estatic Sunshine/Turned On/Island

Interview/Nick Robinson/Think Outside The Bomb conference

Video Hippoes/Bear Fight/Unbeast The Leash
Video Hippoes/Piss Traction/Unbeast The Leash
Double Dagger/Form and function/Ragged Rubble
Double Dagger/No Allies/More
Double Dagger/"The Lie/The Truth"/Records Toreism compilation LP

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