Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Playlist #18 12/14/09


Mission Local News

#1/Dustin Wong/Seasons
Take Turns/Lucky Dragons/Friendship Trip
Hot Food/Crusier/Hot Food
Big Time Stuff/Ocdj/Hooray


Kacey Johansing Live

1/Kacey Johansing/Live
2/Kacey Johansing/Live
3/Kacey Johansing/Live
4/Kacey Johansing/Live
5/Kacey Johansing/Live


Right, Is The Way/Estatic Sunshine/Friendship Trip
A/Sand Cats/Split EP

Guest DJ/Glenn Lym
Grateful Dead
Elliott Carter
John Adams
Steve Reich
Nathan Vain


Hijo Perdito/Pamtastic/Story

Very 2/Lucky Dragons/Dream Island Laughing Language

Monday, December 7, 2009

Playlist #17 12/7/09

Hallo Gallo/Neu!/NEU!

news with mission local

Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk, Live

Street Duck-Pleasure Island Mousetrap/Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk/Live
Dry Depths/Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk/Live
Our Girls/Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk/Live


Villadonde/King Coya/Villadonde
Alza Las Manos/El Remelon/Pibe Cosmo
Cumbia Bichera/El Remelon/Pibe Cosmo
Negros Cumbieros/El Remelon/Pibe Cosmo
Amilkar e Chocolate/Som de Preto/Som de Preto
Medley 2006/DJ Marquinho (Som de Preto/Mixes


The Pharmacy Live

Its Over/The Pharmacy/Live
Coldest Morning Light/The Pharmacy/Live
Children On TV/The Pharmacy/Live
My Business/The Pharmacy/Live
If You Need Me (cover)/The Pharmacy/Live



Little Teeth Live

Bloodhound/Little Teeth/Live
Fur Cotton/Little Teeth/Live

Idziemy przez las/Siekiera/Nowa Aleksandria
Ludzie Wschodu/Siekiera/Nowa Aleksandria
Bez Konca/Siekiera/Nowa Aleksandria

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Playlist #16 11/30/09

Hallo Gallo/Neu!/NEU!

news with mission local

Joseph Childress Live

Talking Shit About A Pretty Sunset/Modest Mouse/This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About

God Bless Our Dead Marines/A Silver Mt. Zion/Horses In The Sky
Car/Built To Spill/There's Nothing Wrong With Love

Synergy Zine Live

Life Goes Off/Jim O'Rourke/Insignificance
Once In A Lifetime/Talking Heads/Stop Making Sense
Dondai(To An Eternal Love)/Magma/Ubber Komandoh

Hijo Perdito/Pamtastic/Story