Monday, September 28, 2009

Playlist #7 9/28/09


Around The World/The Death Set/
Impossible/The Death Set/

PSA/Engineers Without Borders/6:18

Live: Geographer

Native Son/Geographer/Live
Rushing In Rushing Out/Geographer/Live
Night Winds/Geographer/Live
Heaven Waits/Geographer/Live
Can't You Wait/Geographer/Live
Walk With/Geographer/Live

Vamos Companeros/Harmonia 76/Tracks And Traces

Interview Geographer

Kites/Geographer/7" Single

Station I.D./Geographer/7:05pm

PSA/National Preparedness Month/7:10pm

Echo Waves/Ash Ra Temple/Inventions For Electric Guitar

Interview Hot and Cold

New Low (Its Winter Time)/N amesak E vs. Marcella Gries/Hot and Cold The End Is Hear
The Delusion of Forever/TG/Hot and Cold The Is Hear

PSA/Ocean Pollution/7:55

Antlers/Bastro/Antlers Live

Monday, September 21, 2009

Playlist #6 9/21/09


PSA/Housing Rights Committee/6:10pm

Fur Immer (forever/Neu!/Neu! 2
Andrew Link Live:

Eyes Wide Closed/Andrew Link/Live
I Am Nothing/Andrew Link/Live
Isa's Song/Andrew Link/Live
Your Brain/Andrew Link/Live
Today/Andrew Link/Live
Fuck Roses/Andrew Link/Live

/Barn Owl/

PSA/September is Recovery Month/6:50pm

Interview Heather Young (JASecon)

Mercy/Lucky Dragons/Dark Falcon
Jacinto Cenobio/Pepepe/Fonogramaticos
100% Neurose/Bonde Neurose/Funki Brasil
Yelle- ce jeu/Pepepe/pepepe remixes


The Road/ESG/Keep On Moving
This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)/Talking Heads/Speaking in Tongues

Monday, September 14, 2009

Playlist #5 9/14/09


News Headlines

PSA/The A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition/6:12pm

Interviews @ Pirate Cat
Live @ Pirate Cat

Chuva Negra/Hurtmold/Maestro
Ten Seas/Shimomitsu/Shimomitsu
Live/Yoshida Tatsuya + Ishibashi Eiko/U.F.O Club 2007
Passe em Casa/Tribalistas/Tribalistas
Death in a Dream/Yoshida Tatsuya + Ishibashi Eiko/U.F.O Club 2007

Interview Moldover


PSA/International Peace Day/7:00pm

Wolfie/Pacific Pride/Pacific Pride

Interview Alan, Executive Director The Roxie Theater

PSA/Healthcare for Children/7:30pm
Live Cansafis Foote Sax Duet


Jsem Absolutní Vůle/Plastic People of the Universe/Jak bude po smrti

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Playlist #4 9/7/09

Playlist #4


Neu!/Hallogallo/ Neu!

Aaron Ross/Paranormal Attitude/ Paranormal Attitude


Brianna Pruett Hello Stranger/ /Live

Brianna Pruett/He is M/ Live

Brianna Pruett/Its Alright/ Live

Brianna Pruett/Crossroad Blues/ Live

Brianna Pruett/Sea Some Rider Blues/ Live

Brianna Pruett/The Sun Never Says Bye/ Live

Alak/Finick While Clicking/

Interview: Ryan Andersen of One Night Music

Ellie Fortune/Summer Fable/ One Night Music

Los Webelos/Song #2 Live/ One Night Music


Lady Lazarus/Color Opposition Theory/ Live

Lady Lazarus/Uxorial Demands/ Live

Lady Lazarus/Sister Savior/ Live

Lady Lazarus/Rightous Woman/ Live

Lady Lazarus/Lyla(cover)/ Live

Lady Lazarus/Master and Servant/ Live

Interview: Brianna and Mellisa of Tiger Friends Collective

Pregnant/For Sometimes/Ike Wimin