Monday, August 31, 2009

Playlist #3 8/31/09

Teeth Mountain/Zoz/(n/a)
Ponytail Pop/Beg Waves/Ice Cream Spiritual

Cuy/We May Be in Serious Trouble/(live)
Cuy/Green Gardens/(live)
Cuy/He Tried To Be a Good Boy/(live)
Cuy/White Shoes/(live)

Interview/Susan King/Sunday Streets

Dan Deacon/Snookered/Broomst
The Mermen/Buber Dilemma
Ponytail Pop/Celebrate the Body Electric/Ice Cream Spiritual
Estatic Sunshine/Turned On/Island

Interview/Nick Robinson/Think Outside The Bomb conference

Video Hippoes/Bear Fight/Unbeast The Leash
Video Hippoes/Piss Traction/Unbeast The Leash
Double Dagger/Form and function/Ragged Rubble
Double Dagger/No Allies/More
Double Dagger/"The Lie/The Truth"/Records Toreism compilation LP

Monday, August 24, 2009

Playlist #2 8/24/09

Nue! -Hallo Gallo from Neu! 75
Do Make Say Think -Horns of a Rabbit from Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn
A Silver Mt. Zion -God Bless Our Dead Marines from Horses in the Sky
Faust -Just a Second (Stars Like That!) from Faust IV
Honey Moon Tree Live
Solar System
Allen Alda
Mobius Trip
Bottom of the Ocean
All You Need
International Harvester -Sov Got Rose Marie from Sov Got Rose Marie
CAN -Paperhouse from Tago Mago
Plastic People of the Universe -Jsem Absolutní Vůle from Jak Bude Po Smrti
Som Imaginario -Super from (1970) Som Imaginario

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Playlist #1 8/17/09

Intro: Hallo Gallo by Neu!
Chuva Negra by Hurtmold
Rain on Tin by Sonic Youth

Roberto Miguel Live:
Silver Forest Moon
cover (Remix To Ignition)
Consider Yourself Lucky

Remix To Ignition by R. Kelly
Roberto Miguel Interview

Mercy by Lucky Dragons
Yelle- ce jue by Pepepe
Mr. Shoji By Single

Ayn Rand reading over East Hastings by God Speed You Black Emporer

The Good Doctor by Up Mine, Sunshine
Flesh and Bone Machine by Honey Body Moon Bee
Bear Valley by Painted Cakes
Live Village of Decomposition by Ettrick
Untitled by Los Webelos